Alticom expands data centre capacity of Lelystad media tower

Alticom, a Cellnex Telecom company, recently started the realisation of a new data centre in the media tower in Lelystad. With this centre, Alticom is able to meet the large demand for data centre capacity in this region.

Overwhelming interest
“Last year, right from the moment we announced that we were planning to make the media tower suitable for the data centre functionality, the interest was enormous”, says Robin Verlangen, CCO at Alticom. The demand was so overwhelming, however, that we have now, within a year, decided to expand its capacity.

Unique media towers
“One of our strengths is the fact that we offer small-scale, manageable (private) data centre solutions from our 24 media towers in the Netherlands. These media towers have a number of unique features, such as geographical distribution, their height, emergency and fall-back facilities, etc.”, Verlangen continues.

Unlocking via microwave
“On the other hand, and contrary to many other parties, we don’t just offer data centre solutions. We are specialised in the entire so-called ‘data ecosystem’: from safe and fast transport of data, storage, processing, and the unlocking of data. And it is mainly this last feature that offers many advantages for companies in the Lelystad area. For example, the tower is an important link in the broadband internet access of various industrial areas in the region.”

For Alticom, sustainability is key. That is why the new data centre in the Lelystad media tower is equipped with the latest technologies when it comes to energy efficiency and cost-saving cooling, and it is why Alticom only uses one hundred per cent green power.

The new data centre will be completed by mid-December.


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