Data centres

Data is the heart of an organization. The axis of operational management. It’s with good reason, therefore, that safe and continuous data storage ranks high on the list of priorities of many businesses. The more critical business processes are, the more important qualitatively good data storage becomes and the more planning it takes to ensure that your data is always available, whatever happens. When faced with this decision, you look for a partner who is in complete control of your data storage. At the same time, you don’t want to lose control yourself. Alticom is that partner. We provide data centres of the highest level throughout the country.

Our data centres services

Alticom Datacentres offers housing services. And without wanting to shout it from the rooftops, we do so just that bit smarter than other data centres. Our data centre services include power supplies, emergency power and no-break facilities, complete with excellent connectivity, a high level of continuity and a high degree of security. We offer:

  • Small-scale data centre suites with 12 to 16 server racks

Depending on the amount of racks you purchase, you will have your own floor or share a floor with a small number of other businesses.

  • Autonomously functioning data centre suites

The critical infrastructure of our suites is set up per floor (cell). This means that the data centre suites can function autonomously as much as possible.

  • Freedom in choosing a carrier

Alticom Datacentres is carrier neutral. You choose whose connections you acquire. We offer advice and support in customizing your connection.

  • An innovative cooling method

We offer a high level of efficiency by applying innovative cooling methods, including direct free air cooling. Alticom cools the IT-equipment using the cold corridor principle.

  • Spacious racks

Our server racks have a standard width of 80 cm.

  • Server racks from 1kW to 20 kW

Because every server rack is by default equipped with an A and B feed with a 32A 3-phase CEE plug, we can meet every demand from the client, without having to adapt the infrastructure. Both feeds are plugged into a      redundant double-conversion UPS. This guarantees a constant and continuous energy supply to both feeds.

  • Individually fused PDU’s

Alticom delivers Power Distribution Units (default sockets 18xC13 and 3xC19) which have individual fuses on each outlet. In case of any short circuits of overload in the servers, only the defective feed is switched off instead of the entire power feed.

  • Environmental specifications in accordance with legal requirements

Alticom operates in accordance with the specifications for data centre temperatures and air humidity limits specified by ASHRAE TC9.2.


Smart Power Rack

 Alticom offers the Smart Start Power rack specifically intended for cryptocurrency mining. Our racks have a capacity of up to 20 kW. This means that you can make optimal use of the space in a rack. To give you an example: one of Alticom’s clients has placed 24 miners in one rack.

Because of the unique method of cooling using the outside air, we can offer competitively priced electricity rates.

In addition, Alticom offers miners a contract with flexible terms and conditions.

The video below shows mining hardware in one of our data centres.


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About Alticom

Are you looking for a data centre nearby? Alticom offers you a reliable, flexible and green solution, and at a unique location to boot. We offer data centre services in 24 high media towers spread out across the Netherlands. Therefore: smartsave  your data with Alticom’s data centres.

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