Always close

Alticom has nationwide coverage with 24 data towers. In the Netherlands, you are therefore never more than 30 kilometers from one of our towers. This means that there’s always a suitable data centre close to you. And our network offers the ideal structure for a twin data centre concept.

Alticom Datacenters_Altijd dichtbij_mediatorens_landelijke dekking24-hour access

With your personal access card, you have 24-hour access to the room where your equipment is, without having to register. Alticom even offers the possibility of setting up your own temporary workspace in the tower.

Our data centre locations

Alticom owns 24 high media towers throughout the Netherlands. The height of the towers varies from 70 to 375 meters. The data centres are located in:

The masts

Alticom also owns 6 masts for FM broadcasting and telecommunications networks. You can find these masts in:

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About Alticom

Are you looking for a data centre nearby? Alticom offers you a reliable, flexible and green solution, and at a unique location to boot. We offer data centre services in 24 high media towers spread out across the Netherlands. Therefore: smartsave  your data with Alticom’s data centres.

Alticom B.V.

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