At safe heights

To prevent outage and guarantee continuity, we have taken a multitude of measures. Furthermore, we guarantee the physical safety on every location by means of varying provisions, including a stringent access system. You can only gain access to our data centres with the personal access pass. All racks in the data centre can be locked.

A private floor from 8 racks or more

If you desire more privacy, then you’ve come to the right place at Alticom. Multiple floors of the data towers have been set up as data centres. From 8 racks or more, you have the option of occupying your own floor. If you need fewer racks, it is also possible to set up a private cage.

Above the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum

Alticom literally brings your data to safe heights. The average height of our data centres is 15 meters above the Amsterdam Ordnance Datum (Normaal Amsterdams Peil, NAP).

Protection against break-ins and fires

Our data centres are also protected against break-ins. In addition to various barriers and active CCTV camera monitoring, every tower features an intrusion detection system with active and passive alarms. Every report is logged. Professional security firms ensure a speedy and adequate response.

You would like to store your data safely. The Alticom locations are protected in accordance with Borg certificate 4. Nowadays, all towers have also been equipped with sophisticated fire detection systems and fire-retardant measures, which reduce the risk of such a calamity to an absolute minimum. In addition to this, the construction and material of the Alticom towers decrease the fire hazard significantly.

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About Alticom

Are you looking for a data centre nearby? Alticom offers you a reliable, flexible and green solution, and at a unique location to boot. We offer data centre services in 24 high media towers spread out across the Netherlands. Therefore: smartsave  your data with Alticom’s data centres.

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