Constantly in the air

The more critical your business processes, the greater the importance of continuous data storage. In the design of all Alticom Datacentres, numerous smart safeguards have been included to prevent outage and guarantee continuity. Thanks to the possibility of using radio links, in addition to fiber optic cables, to achieve data transport, Alticom can guarantee an uptime of no less than 99,999%. Alticom’s data centre concept meets the design requirements of the TIER 3 Classification.

Emergency provisions present

To constantly remain up and running, every location has emergency provisions, such as large-capacity emergency power generators. Provisions concerning energy supply and distribution, cooling and connectivity are also redundantly present to ensure the availability of your data. In case of an outage, the second installation will automatically take over our services. And if need be, all supporting actions can be performed online. All facilities are regularly tested by long-term partners, each one of them reputable companies.

Continuous connectivity

Naturally, you prefer a stable, continuous connection for your data transport. You could use fiber optic cables, but thanks to the high altitude of the media towers, at Alticom, you can also opt for a radio link connection (wireless transmission) between your office and the data centre in the tower. If you choose both options, Alticom can offer you an uptime guarantee of 99,999%.

From radio mast to media tower to data tower

Almost 60 years ago, Alticom’s media towers were built to keep broadcasters up and running. Continuity was an important consideration in those days as well. Already at that time, emergency provisions had been incorporated in the towers to minimize outage. Over the years, telecommunications equipment too was added to the towers. And since 2009, Alticom has actualized data centres in the towers. The towers have thus evolved from radio masts to media towers to the current data towers. The government has designated Alticom’s media towers as part of the emergency infrastructure.

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Are you looking for a data centre nearby? Alticom offers you a reliable, flexible and green solution, and at a unique location to boot. We offer data centre services in 24 high media towers spread out across the Netherlands. Therefore: smartsave  your data with Alticom’s data centres.

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