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Address: Hogebiezendijk 21, 3401 RS  IJsselstein

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The Gerbrandy Tower may well be the best-known radio mast in the Netherlands and it is most certainly the highest (372 m). This tower, including the antenna, is higher than the Eiffel Tower. For years, the tower was known as the tower of Lopik, but because of municipal reorganization, the tower is currently located on the territory of the municipality of IJsselstein.

The radio mast has an interesting history. Maarten van Rossem filmed a documentary for RTV Utrecht and scaled the tower, which is no mean feat for someone with a fear of heights. The mast is decorated with lights on the tethers (almost) every year around Christmas time, resulting in an extremely large ‘Christmas tree’.

The data centre set up in the tower has the largest capacity of all our data centres: over 1200 kVA. It is not the largest in terms of surface area, though; that would be the data centre in Roermond.


Features data centre IJsselstein

  • 50 m² surface area per data floor
  • 500 m² total surface area
  • 1260 kVA total capacity
  • Per rack standard 1-20 kVA capacity
  • Power supply via A and B Feed
  • 230 Volt and 400 Volt present, 48 Volt on request
  • PUE value <1.2
  • 100% powered by sustainable Dutch wind energy
  • Direct free air cooling
  • Temperature on the data floor: 20-27 °C
  • Cold corridor principle
  • Carrier neutral
  • Radio link possible with uptime guarantee of 99,999%
  • Camera monitoring, intrusion detection system
  • Professional security response in case of alarm
  • Access with personal access pass
  • Possibility of iris scan or facial recognition system
  • Separately lockable racks
  • Service desk available 24/7, 365 days a year


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