Data centre Roosendaal

Address: Melis Stokelaan 25, 4707 HP  Roosendaal

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Since the beginning of the 60’s of the previous century, the tower of Roosendaal serves as a radio mast for radio and television. The radio mast was scheduled to be transformed into an apartment building in 2006, by the then owner KPN, but this did not come to pass. Alticom bought the tower and used it to establish their data centre.

This data tower in Roosendaal was also opened to the public during the Heppie View Tour in 2014.


Features data centre Roosendaal

  • 50m² surface area per data floor
  • 100 m² total surface area
  • 281 kVA total capacity
  • Per rack standard 1-20 kVA capacity
  • Power supply via A and B Feed
  • 230 Volt and 400 Volt present, 48 Volt on request
  • PUE value <1.2
  • 100% powered by sustainable Dutch wind energy
  • Direct free air cooling
  • Temperature on the data floor: 20-27 °C
  • Cold corridor principle
  • Carrier neutral
  • Radio link possible with uptime guarantee of 99,999%
  • Camera monitoring, intrusion detection system
  • Professional security response in case of alarm
  • Access with personal access pass
  • Possibility of iris scan or facial recognition system
  • Separately lockable racks
  • Service desk available 24/7, 365 days a year


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